At Collingwood Dayhome, we believe that the early years are fundamental in shaping a child's future. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is meticulously designed to provide our young learners with the best start, instilling in them a love for learning and a strong foundation for their academic journey ahead.

Dynamic Activities for Our Pre-Kinder Kids:

  1. Story Time: Enhancing imagination and language skills, our interactive storytelling sessions are always a hit.

  2. Creative Crafts: From finger painting to making fun seasonal crafts, we encourage kids to express themselves artistically.

  3. Sensory Play: Activities like sand play, water play, and playdough modeling that stimulate young senses and enhance tactile experiences.

  4. Nature Exploration: Our little explorers get a chance to connect with nature, understanding plants, weather, and simple ecological concepts.

  5. Music & Movement: Dancing, singing, and simple rhythmic exercises ensure that children connect with music and enhance their motor skills.

  6. Math Fundamentals: Through games and hands-on activities, we introduce kids to basic counting, shapes, and patterns.